“Bull sh*t.” That’s how the Vitalis founders felt after buying many systems from multiple manufacturers and being turned down on asks of customization and improvements. They seized the opportunity to create something better—a system that actually addressed the challenges and pain points of producers.

The Vitalis founders sought feedback and designed new equipment that solved producers’ problems. Fast-forward to 2017 and the first Vitalis Extraction System was on the market. The development process had been noble. But it had also been flawed.

Five years later, we know we created a better extraction system. But we also understand that if focusing on problems is your primary approach to customer-centric innovation, your ability to support your clients is limited. It’s only when you widen your focus to include what your clients ultimately want to achieve (in addition to solving immediate bottlenecks) that you can unleash the full potential of the innovation process and leverage it for your customers’ greatest benefit.

As Henry Ford so famously put it, “build a car versus a better horse.” By taking a broader view of our customer’s goals and not laser-focusing on solvent-specific pain points, we can develop paradigm-changing technologies for our customers, like our latest breakthrough.

So the evolution of extraction technology has a name: dual solvent extraction.