As a manufacturer of CO2 extraction equipment, we understand that system performance is directly tied to profits, which is why from the very beginning we matched our premium product with premium support.

One of the most important criteria for selecting an extraction partner is a commitment to being there when you need them most. While our systems are built to run continuously, with un-matched processing speed, volume, and output, regular use may result in moments that require maintenance and troubleshooting by those who know the system best. That is why every client of Vitalis enjoys dedicated 7-day technical service support, expedited parts fulfillment, and shipping from local distribution centers.

Although our teams are there to support in times of need, Vitalis also provides ongoing operator training, and regularly shares lessons and best practices from internal testing of our systems paired with the feedback we receive from our clients on performance. Our goal is to provide solutions that will ensure greater efficiencies for your operations and at every turn and pre-emptive steps to avoid system downtime.

Quick Fact // Our global customers enjoy an average machine uptime of 98%


Lasa Extract is a US-based CBD extractor, servicing companies in the cosmetics, skincare, health & wellness, and pet sectors with the most effective extract on the market. They pride themselves on being able to prove the identity of their hemp-sourced CBD through the entire supply chain, which includes putting their products through rigorous third-party testing to meet the toughest standards of safety, strength, and quality.

Like many operators who approach Vitalis, Lasa Extract was new to the extraction space. Among its top criteria, having dedicated and trusted support from an experienced team, without the concern of additional costs, was a key for their growing outfit. Lasa Extract's desire for a collaborative relationship and long-term partner, fully aligned with Vitalis’s approach.

Customer service starts with making it personal, every time. Before commissioning Lasa Extract’s system, we held a getting-to-know-you introductory meeting between our service technicians who would be on-site and the Lasa Extract team of operators. It was also a moment for us to answer any questions they had about the pre- and post-install phases, and to walk them through the detailed steps toward becoming operational. Making sure their team felt confident, knowledgeable, and an integral part of the process was vital to ensuring they knew what to expect when the system became operational.

Our customer support and knowledge-sharing do not end at the install stage. Lasa Extract is part of a weekly service check-in group, where Vitalis confirms their system is operating at optimal levels and shares new learnings and optimization techniques to improve their output.


Lasa Extract is one of the first CBD oil extractors in the state of Connecticut. While initially a CBD oil wholesaler, the company’s CEO believes so strongly in the quality of what they are producing with Vitalis’s equipment, he has voiced plans to launch their own line of CBD tinctures and lotions.

To find out how our leading approach to customer support could benefit your operation, get in touch.