Clean, efficient, and versatile; the extraction possibilities provided by carbon dioxide are endless. As the extraction industry continues to develop, the regulation surrounding the installation of pressure equipment will become stricter, and the allowance for non-compliance will cease to exist. Ensuring your CO2 extraction equipment carries the appropriate certifications will be integral to your continued success. As the industry leader, every Vitalis CO2 extraction system is GMP-certified meaning we are one of only a few manufacturers capable of servicing the global beverage industry.

Vitalis has extensive experience within the Beverages market having helped manufacturers bring a host of tea, coffee and hops products to market. Partnering with Vitalis to ensure quality output, our team understands that separating delicate compounds in complex plants efficiently and with efficacy has never been more important, as consumers look increasingly closer at the origins of the products they consume.

Vitalis serves a growing list of customers in the Food, Beverage, Cannabis, Botanical, Garment and Pharmaceutical industries.


Made up of several privately owned family companies, and with a lineage stretching back over 200 years, this beverage partner is the world's largest supplier of hop products and services. With branches in Germany, the USA, the UK, Australia and China, the group conducts its business in every continent, specializing in the areas of hop breeding, growing and processing, as well as the marketing of hops and hop products.

As a global leader in the beverage industry, our partner operates at the forefront of innovation and is on a continuous mission to improve the processing and production efficiency of its many products. Sharing our ethos to innovate for the benefit of our customers, we partnered to explore the many benefits that CO2 extraction on a GMP-certified Vitalis system could offer.

Already operating a well-established and efficient production line, our partner was seeking to super-charge their operation with the introduction of new extraction techniques. With the goal of refining their beer formulation; producing seasonal beer flavours never before created and extending shelf-life without compromising taste, quality or safety, the brewing giant conducted extensive due diligence in looking for the right partner. Seeking a company that would meet their quality standards and surpass the research already performed in-house for extraction targets, Vitalis set to work showcasing our market-leading approach.


Vitalis worked alongside their in-house science team to first understand what specific targets they were looking to optimize, so that we could fully understand what success looked like specifically for them before beginning.

Vitalis performed trial runs with the products provided, sharing real-time results with our client, who also performed product tests themselves, and said to have exceeded all expectations. The results using Vitalis equipment over their current setup produced the benefit of variety-specific hop extract, without adding solids that soak up valuable brew when removed. This created efficiency in the brewing process, which would, in turn, mean additional revenue and flexibility in their product line.

Since our test, this global brewing company has been so pleased with the results that they are currently looking to expand their operations with a focus on CO2 extraction, with their sights on Vitalis as a partner in that exercise.

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